Why do we need volunteering centres?!

Are you looking for a new impetus in your life, would you like to learn something new or you would like to meet interesting people? You don’t know how to start? All what it takes is to visit the regional volunteering centre and the volunteering service is right there for you.

Volunteering centre is a service organisation for those who would like to help others via volunteering. The centre can be visited by individuals but also by organisations. It offers numerous volunteering positions for individuals and volunteers for organisations.

Full service

Volunteering centre is something like a customer care service for shoppers. It offers full service in the area of volunteering. But above all it connects organisations with volunteers who can help them. It communicates with volunteers and refers them to respective organisations. It informs new volunteers about their rights, obligations, ethical norms and asks them about their expectations. Furthermore, it supports volunteers and appraises them for what they do. To organisations it provides trainings on how they should behave to volunteers. It creates also custom-made volunteering programmes for organisations.

Each volunteering centre is different

But one thing they have in common. They want to motivate to volunteering as much people as possible so they can spread goodwill in their region. Our Centre for example organises every month Meeting with Volunteering. People who are interested in volunteering will learn there what volunteering is. If they have sufficient time to volunteer and to what type of volunteering they are suitable for. At the same time, they will get a list of current offers where they could help. Every year we motivate people to volunteering also through the Week of Volunteering campaign. During this week volunteers can help those organisations which need their help. We look for volunteers also via our website where it is possible to register and gain access to current volunteering offers. We inform about volunteering also in schools and businesses.

Trust but verify

Each organisation which would like to work with volunteers is first checked by the Centre. The Centre has to know that the organisation has good conditions for volunteers and they will be not misused. The volunteers´ coordinators are checked and the legal as well as the ethical framework of the organisation. Also, how the recruitment and selection process is conducted, training of volunteers performed, how does the organisation communicate with them and how are they motivated. If needed the centre offers to the organisation one of the trainings focused on volunteers´ management. You will find more on the rights and duties of volunteers in one of our earlier blogs entitled Volunteer is not a slave.

Volunteering centres from west to east

It is not important where you are from, volunteering centres are in each region. All you need is to contact them via their website and there is nothing else that could stop you from volunteering. And don’t be disappointed if you don’t find any volunteering offer right in the beginning. Sometimes it takes even several months while you find the right offer but then the result is worth the waiting.

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BDC Team

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