Workshop for EVS volunteers

We are the BDC and if you don´t know us now. Let me explain what we do. We bring organizations and volunteers together and we offer workshops for both. In October we have a special workshop for EVS volunteers. Curious? I´m pretty sure you are. 

Maybe you know this situation: The alarm clock rings in the morning. You don´t want to open your eyes completely. You hit the snooze button and fell asleep. Just until the alarm rings again. How often do you repeat this? One, two, three times? Doesn´t matter. Because after a few times you need to get up because you are running out of time. Anyway, the morning starts stressful and you don´t find a solution for this behavior. I promise there is. Imagine yourself waking up 5 minutes before the alarm clock rings. In a good mood, motivated and full of energy for a great new day. And at your work? Sometimes there are challenging tasks that consume lots of your energy. When you have a task or maybe you need to do housework and you really don´t want to start. Doesn´t matter why. You feel unmotivated. There are many things that are more attractive. For example, Facebook. And after scrolling through pictures, videos and postings you realize half an hour is gone and the task is still there. You feel like you stepped out of a different world back into a reality where you still have this stupid task. You can hear yourself groan? How to deal with that? Wouldn´t you do everything easily and relaxed. Feel calm and happy doesn´t matter what happens? If you nodded to yourself while reading it, this Workshop is a great idea! And you can lose nothing because it is for free and a great idea to get to know other volunteers!

I will talk about:

  • Get up motivated and in a good mood
  • Get things done and be more productive
  • Feel relaxed about tasks you don´t like (instead of annoyed)

I invite you to my first Workshop here in Bratislava. My name is Nicola and I am EVS Volunteer at the BDC. Why do I offer this Workshop? Because I can… Just joking… ;-) I am a trainer for communication and motivation and I love to help others, and to live a happy life. During my time in Bratislava, I will give different workshops or lectures. So let me know what you are interested in.

Date: 17th of October 
Time: 18:30 till around 20:30


This workshop is exclusive for EVS volunteers and we just have a limited number of participants. So be fast! 

I am looking forward to meeting you! 

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