You can advertise your business by supporting meaningful projects

Do you have the correct values while doing business? Don’t talk about them show them. Involve your company into project which makes sense. Thanks to that project number of people will learn about you and you will get new customers.

Number of NGOs and civic associations offer to companies various possibilities to cooperate. If it concerns partnership, sponsoring, or charity advertisement. Some organisations came up with interesting projects main aim of which is not financial support. One of these projects is DOBROkarta (Goodwill card) of Bratislava Volunteer Centre.

Become a DOBROpodnik (Goodwill company)

DOBROkarta is a unique way how to thank volunteers who decided to devote their free time to others. Although volunteers do their volunteering activities free of charge we in the Bratislava Volunteer Centre think that they deserve some kind of reward. That’s why we came up with DOBROkarta. Those volunteers who in 12 months work at least 40 volunteering hours are entitled to this card. Thanks to this card they receive benefits from selected partners – DOBROpodniky in Bratislava and Bratislava region. Volunteers devote their time to various activities – they tutor children in crisis centres, they are meeting with seniors, take care of their surrounding or take care of animals.

Award those who do not expect it

To become DOBROpodnik is really easy. All it takes is to donate discount on your services or products to volunteers who help to more than 200 organisations in Bratislava region. You will recognize them according to DOBROkarta which they will show during their purchase. You will receive a DOBROpodnik sticker for your generosity and you can stick it on a visible place in your company. So, your customers will see that you are supporting meaningful projects and volunteers will see that in your business they can use DOBROkarta. In addition DOBROpodnik will be advertised free of charge on web and social networks of Bratislava Volunteer Centre which has more than 6,000 followers. Volunteers will not only learn about your business but maybe they will become your new customers.

Social responsibility

Although you are very busy with doing business and you spent most of your time working look around yourself. Look for projects where you can proudly say that you also contributed. Your customers will know that you are aware of your surrounding and you are positively supporting your community. Knowing this they will more intensively look for your services or products.

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Stay GOOD!
BDC Team

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