Our aim is to successfully connect volunteers and organizations (civic organizations, foundations, non-profit organizations, public organizations). For this reason we have created space where organizations can come up with and publish their volunteer offers and volunteers can respond to them.

There are many ways to get involved in this city, in the region or outside of Slovakia. We can help you to discover these opportunities with regard to your time, interests and expectations.

We provide trainings, consultations and supervisions in the area of volunteer management. It is important that both the volunteers and the organizations are satisfied.

We have many benefits and discounts for volunteers and coordinators. We want to motivate and reward them.

Creating new volunteer programmes

We create volunteer programmes for organizations which never previously worked with volunteers and we help them to carry them out.

Cooperating with schools and corporations

We expand volunteering by sending volunteers to corporations and from schools to organizations in Bratislava. We create corporate and school volunteer programmes based on the expectations of the corporations or schools and volunteer organizations.