Cooperating with schools and corporations

Our aim is to develop volunteering in schools and corporations. We send volunteers from schools and corporations to organizations in Bratislava and its regions. We can also create special corporate or school volunteer programmes based on their expectations as well as those organizations which are looking for volunteers.

How to do it?

If you are a corporation or school and you would like to have a volunteer programme of good quality or you just want to participate in volunteering, feel free to contact us. In the first stage of the process we will meet and talk about your options, requirements and ideas. We will make a research within the pool of organizations to ensure they will be interested in what you can do. Then we will organize a 'Date with volunteering' specifically for you and your colleagues where you will learn about:

  • what is volunteering,
  • what opportunities and volunteer offers there are in Bratislava and the Bratislava region,
  • how you find out what type of volunteering suits you best,
  • what rights and responsibilities volunteers have,
  • the connection between ethics and volunteering,
  • what a school/corporation/volunteer can gain through volunteering.

In the following stages we will help you to create a volunteering programme and connect you with the organization of your choice so that you can start volunteering.

In case you are only interesting in one-time volunteering activities (i.e. corporate volunteering) we can add you to our database or the Rýchla rota programme. This way you can receive the latest offers about one-time volunteering activities and participate in volunteering irregularly.

Might be interesting

Corporate volunteering is an activity during which corporations are actively helping one or more organizations in any way but financially.

Volunteering in schools is a project in which we are searching for high schools which are willing to involve their students into volunteering activities in their region or want to create their own volunteer programmes.

The 'Bratislava Week of Volunteering' is a week during which individuals or groups can participate in activities within the organizations in the Bratislava region. Corporations or schools can also become active in the Week of Volunteering by creating their own activity in which their employees or students will be involved.

Rýchla rota is a volunteer programme for volunteers who do not participate in regular volunteering but in one-time activities in chosen organizations.

In case you are interested, we will be happy if you contact us

BVC Team