Creating new volunteer programmes

We create programmes which we try to fulfil both for organizations who already have worked with volunteers before and those who have not. At the same time we create and implement volunteer programmes for organizations which have a great potential but are missing programmes.

How does it work?

If you have decided to create a volunteer programme of great quality, you should know that it will be at least a one-year-long process. The reason is that the process has particular phases which are interconnected and they do not make sense separately. At first it is important to contact BVC. We will be delighted to meet you, go through your expectations and needs and then we will offer you a programme which you carry out with our help in order not to cause any misunderstandings or make any mistakes. The entire process goes like this:

  • introductory meeting
  • mapping out the situation in the organization
  • preparing the organization
  • choosing and training of the coordinator
  • creating a volunteers´ manual and the administration behind it
  • recruitment of volunteers
  • arrival of volunteers to the organization
  • development of volunteering activities
  • supervisions and counselling
  • motivation and acknowledgement of volunteers
  • evaluation of volunteer programme

Might be interesting

Som tu pre teba – a volunteer programme focused on individual tutoring and spending time with children from socially disadvantaged families.

Rýchla rota – a volunteer programme for volunteers who do not participate in regular volunteering but in one-time activities in chosen organizations.

European Voluntary Service – a volunteer programme which enables young people from abroad to come for 2 – 12 months and carry out a chosen volunteer activity in Bratislava and its region and at the same time, young people from Slovakia can volunteer abroad.

If you would like us to implement one of the programmes mentioned above or create a completely new programme in your organization, please contact us at

We are looking forward to getting in touch with you!

BVC Team