Rewarding and supporting volunteers and coordinators

We have many benefits and discounts for our volunteers and coordinators. We motivate and reward them.

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Volunteers and their coordinators are great. Their help is often irreplaceable and priceless for an organization! This is why they deserve acknowledgements and rewards. In BVC we teach that just finding volunteers is not enough but it is equally important to keep them. Smaller or bigger acknowledgements of gratitude help us to do that.

How it works:

  • A simple 'Thank you' can be very beneficial. It proves that we are aware of good work which is being done by a volunteer or coordinator. You can thank somebody whenever and in whatever way you choose.
  • Srdce na dlani – is an award of the Bratislava Volunteer Centre. Its purpose is to raise the status and development of volunteering. To get a volunteer or coordinator awarded, it is important to nominate him/her first.
  • DOBROkarta is a unique way to thank our volunteers and coordinators for their time and energy which they dedicate to voluntary work and the coordination of volunteers. Thanks to this card, they receive benefits and discounts from certain partners (DOBROpodnik) in Bratislava and the Bratislava region. You can learn more about how, where and when to get it here.
  • The International Volunteer Coordinators Day - Since 1999 the International Volunteer Coordinator Day has been celebrated to give recognition and acknowledgement for the work coordinators do. Until 2005 it was celebrated on the same day as International Volunteer Day but later it was moved to 5th November. Coordinators of organizations, which are registered in our database, had a chance to attend a Gala night, go on a trip to Strasbourg, complete a training for free, get nominated for Srdce na dlani award, etc.
  • International Volunteer Day was first declared in 1985 by the General Assembly of OSN to draw attention to the role of volunteers, volunteer community and organizations. Since then it has been celebrated annually on 5th December. Every year, we organize an event for volunteers to express our gratitude for giving a part of themselves to help others and making the world a better place. Events are always slightly different, e.g. we invited volunteers from registered organizations to a theatre, trip to Strasbourg, we sent them a postcard and we also reward them within Srdce na dlani.