Management of volunteers

Education is for you if you want to learn and share with others how to search, select, train, motivate and retain volunteers. The individual trainings will provide you with the appropriate theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and specific methods that you will be able to apply when working with volunteers.

Education is also intended for workers who in their work focus on the preparation of activities for young people in the field of global education (development education, environmental education, multicultural education, peace education, human rights education, etc.) and youth mobility.

Supervisions for volunteer coordinators

Supervision is about verifying the correctness and effectiveness of one's own procedures in one's work, correcting them, preventing burnout, preventing harm to clients, volunteers, oneself and increasing one's own professionalism - such as gaining new experience, better cooperation with other colleagues and the like.

Dating with volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to meaningfully devote your free time just where it is most needed or to try something new, or to gain new experience and skills. On the volunteer dating site, which takes place every third Thursday of the month, we will talk about volunteering and current opportunities.

Workshops for volunteers

The training of volunteers is as important as the training of coordinators and serves to make volunteers a benefit to the organization and to make their assistance effective.