Second Wednesdays - Workshops for coordinators of volunteers

Volunteers are people. They are the ones who give their energy and time for free without expecting any rewards. However, it is impossible to select, train, motivate and keep volunteers without a good coordinator of volunteers who is a guarantee of every volunteering program.

Why? Coordinator is like a manager of a successful company who is not only pair for his job, also he has to be qualified enough, possess certain competences for his job, keep educating himself, communicating and motivating his employees. If there is a good manager, employees, company and clients grow as well. The same applies for the coordinator of volunteers.

What will you get? Investing into the training of volunteer coordinators and creating program of a good quality will bring you better, long-term, active volunteers who will become a help beyond all your expectations.

How to do it? Sign up for one of the trainings we organize this year:

Year 2017

  • Evening school of volunteer´s management
  • Second Wednesdays for coordinators of volunteers
  • Supervisions for coordinators of volunteers

Year 2016

  • Legislation in volunteering – when do we need it?
  • Management of handicapped volunteers training
  • Presentation skills for coordinators of volunteers
  • How to write a project for beginners – A JE TO!
  • Fundraising for coordinators of volunteers – Even ordinary people can finance your project or organization
  • Graphic design for coordinators of volunteers
  • Management of volunteers seminar

Year 2015

In 2015 we organized these trainings:

  • Management of volunteers 
  • How to effectively find a needle in a haystack!
  • V-skills for employment and the mark of quality
  • Management of handicapped volunteers 
  • My own blue sky
  • Presentation skills
  • How to motivate and keep volunteers?
  • Art therapy as a tool for coordinators of volunteers
  • Legislation in volunteering – when do we need it?

In 2015 we organized 8 trainings where 74 coordinators participated.

Year 2014

In 2014 we organized trainings where we dealt with the following topics:

  • Social media and work with volunteers
  • A needle in a haystack or how to search for the right volunteers?
  • How to write a project for beginners
  • Specifications for management of unemployed volunteers
  • Conflict with a volunteer or what to do with a problematic volunteer?
  • One-time volunteer
  • How to burn and not burn out?
  • Why do we need supervision when working with volunteers?
  • Legislation in volunteering – when do we need it?

This year 90 coordinators of volunteers took part in 7 trainings.

Year 2013

In 2013 we organized traninings on these topics:

  • Can we afford to pick out?
  • Motivated and easy to maintain – ideal which does not exist?
  • Who seeks finds

Throughout the year more than 30 coordinators of volunteers participated in 3 trainings.