This training is aimed at workers and volunteers in non-governmental and public organizations (civic organizations, non-profit organizations, social welfare institutions, schools, foundations…) which are already working with volunteers or they are planning to involve them in their activities. It is for people who want to learn and share how to search for, select, train, motivate and maintain volunteers.

Training offers theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and specific methods which can be used when working with volunteers. It will create space for role plays, simulations, brainstorming, ice-breakers, interactive group work and exchange of experience during discussions. After the training, participants will be asked to submit a written volunteering program/framework in organization, which will be their final examination.

One part of the training is email/personal consultation of volunteering program of the organization. Content of the trainings will be adjusted to the experience and needs of participants. After completing this training participants will get a certificate accredited by the Ministry of Education SR. Within the training there is also special focus on work with specific group of volunteers: young people, unemployed, elders, etc.


  • Why is management in volunteering important
  • Volunteering in Slovakia and abroad, trends, challenges
  • Planning and preparation of a volunteering program
  • Funding of volunteering program
  • Working with public, recruitment/searching for volunteers
  • Selection of volunteers
  • Legislation of volunteering and contract with volunteers
  • Educating volunteers
  • Supervision of volunteers and supervision of coordinators of volunteers
  • Risks of burning out while working with people, mental hygiene
  • Motivation and how to maintain volunteers
  • Solving problems with volunteers
  • Assessment of volunteers and completing work with them
  • Creating and consultation of “framework”/manual for management of volunteers in the organisation

If you are interested in having a private training adjusted specifically to your needs, feel free to contact us.