Supervisions for volunteers and coordinators of volunteers

Supervisions are designed for workers and volunteers in non-governmental and public organizations (civic organizations, non-profit organizations, social facilities, schools, foundations, etc.) who work with volunteers.

It is about verifying which methods are right and effective in work and how to correct them, prevent yourself from burning out or hurting clients, volunteers, yourself and raise the quality of workers – gaining new experience and information, improving cooperation with other co-workers in order to raise the level of proficiency in the team.

Participants will improve their professional skill, abilities and knowledge in the area in which they work (e.g. how to motivate volunteers, solve conflicts, make up a good team, work with clients, etc.) At the same time, they will learn to overcome challenges and create good relationships and environment in the organization.

We offer individual and group supervisions for volunteers, coordinators and professionals in volunteer organizations. We offer open group supervisions. If you need to prepare a particular offer tailored to your needs, please contact us. The schedule will be adjusted to the experience and needs of participants.