Third Thursdays - Date with Volunteering

Date with volunteering gives you chance to learn more about volunteering in case you want to start, Date with Volunteering gives people, who want to begin with volunteering and don´t know how, the opportunity to learn more about it. Participants get the basic information what is volunteering and what forms of volunteering there are, also what are theirs rights and privileges as volunteers and what is provided by the organization they volunteer in. They are informed about ethics in volunteering and what they can gain through volunteering. Because of these information participants can find out what type of volunteering suits them the best.

Participants are also informed about volunteering offers in our BVC databse and how to register on our website where they can search for offers. At the end there will be some time left to ask questions.

Introductory meetings take place every third Thursday each month at 5:00 pm. In case participats cannot make it to the meeting, they can always arrange a personal meeting in our office in Stará Tržnica. Feel free to contact us.