The European Solidarity Corps is a European Union program that aims to promote solidarity as a value in volunteering at home or abroad, on projects that benefit communities and people across Europe. Its main objective is to strengthen cohesion, solidarity, democracy and citizenship in Europe.

Tourist Angels is a volunteering program that aims to help the tourists and visitors of the city to find their way around. Tourist Angels are volunteers who are located on the most visited sites of Bratislava, where tourists can meet them.

Through this volunteering program, we want to draw the attention of the children from socially weaker families towards art. The volunteers involved in this project will teach the children from DS Dúha to draw, sing or play a musical instrument.

The volunteer program "I'm here for you" is focused on tutoring and spending time with children from socially disadvantaged families, children from selected crisis centers and low-income social services in Bratislava. The program is run individually, which means that one volunteer cares for one child throughout the program.

The corporate volunteering is basically a donation of time, skills, and knowledge of the employees for the benefit of the community or organization that needs their help.

Volunteering in schools is a project of education and training of children and youth to volunteer, which involves primary and secondary schools in volunteering through various volunteer programs and projects.