Corporate Volunteering

The corporate volunteering is basically a donation of time, skills, and knowledge of the employees for the benefit of the community or organization that needs their help.

The corporate volunteering activities and support have many benefits for the companies as well. For example, volunteering is activating the employees and strengthening the social cohesion, the trust and understanding between the employees and the employer. The participation in volunteering activities increases the visibility of the company and its activities and in the same time interpersonal and intergenerational relationships are reinforced. As volunteers help the city and its organizations, in the same time they create more pleasant environment for living and working.

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Volunteering brings good mood and increases energy, people's engagement and motivation, creates more positive and productive environment. If you want to show your employees that you really care about them, you can also offer them such meaningful and inspiring activity.

Corporate volunteering through BDC

Wondering if you should start with corporate volunteering? Your business would like to help, but you don't know how to get started? Are you thinking about one-time activity or long-term help for a specific organization? We will help you with setting up a volunteering program and direct your help where it is needed. Reach us at:

The BDC helps companies to develop corporate volunteering in Bratislava and the Bratislava Region. To get involved, here is what you need to do:

Creating a volunteering program tailored to your company

There is the possibility of creating a tailor-made program for your company and helping you develop a CSR strategy. This is a service that is subject to a fee. For more information, please contact us by email:


Week of volunteering

Week of volunteering is a project which lasts one week in September, during which volunteering offers will be announced for each day. These include various activities such as manual work, e.g. painting the fence and cleaning the premises or joint activities with children, seniors, animal welfare and so on. A week of volunteering can also be seen as teambuilding, during which your employees will rest on the one hand and, on the other hand, feel good that they could help someone else. The participation in this project is free of charge. For more information, email us at:

Registration on our website
If you do not want to wait for the Volunteering Week and want to engage in some activities during the year, you can register for free in the Volunteers section by emailing the contact person and password on our website. After you sign in, you need to fill in the profile information to create an account for your company. We recommend that you put in your profile a logo and a short description of your company or company team - how many employees would be interested in volunteering, what skills, and areas of volunteering you would be interested in. You can find a sample of what such a profile might look like here. Then you can see the volunteering offers in which your employees could be involved, or you can directly contact the organization you like to help. Every volunteering offer is precisely described - what would the activities be, how much time it takes to do it, and so on. Next step is to click on the “I want to help” button and the organization will get back to you within a few days.

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Team strengthened by volunteering brings triple profit

The corporate volunteering will help your company to "get out of the crowd" of other companies and make it more visible. It is a step towards building a good reputation and real acceptance by the community in which it operates. It brings a positive, productive, and creative work environment as well as more loyal and motivated employees. It contributes to a positive perception of your business among people in the surrounding area and your potential future employees.

It will give your employees the opportunity to develop soft skills, strengthen teamwork, communication, the ability to make independent decisions, lead the team, motivate, and accept others. It will give them energy, increase their self-esteem and awareness in what is happening around them. For retired employees, it is an excellent inspiration for active and interesting use of free time after termination of employment.

To the organizations in need, corporate volunteering provides available resources that it would otherwise not be able to afford, raises awareness of its activities and increases the possibility to recruit new supporters. It will help lay the foundations for building a good relationship with a partner in the business sector.

In which activities can your employees participate in?

  • manual work - cleaning of parks, forests, gardens; painting rooms, handrails, fences and painting benches in parks, gardens, playgrounds; assistance with the reconstruction work of cultural monuments and bunkers; assistance in cleaning and washing windows, etc.,
  • visits, accompanying - dedicating time to those who appreciate your presence – seniors, people with disabilities, homeless people, etc.,
  • expert volunteering - it is about using your professional knowledge and it is right for you if volunteer remotely/through the home-office or practice the so-called hard-skills, which they do not otherwise use very much (PR, strategy creation, marketing, graphic design, etc.)

Corporate volunteering

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