Through this volunteering program, we want to draw the attention of the children from socially weaker families towards art. The volunteers involved in this project will teach the children from DS Dúha to draw, sing or play a musical instrument. Our aim is to develop the artistic potential of the children, give them the opportunity to spend their time effectively, offer them art lessons as an alternative and as a possibility for their further education.

How the volunteering program is run

During the entire school year, the trained volunteers are meeting with an assigned child or group of children (up to 3 children in a group) once a week, for two hours, directly on the premises of the DS Dúha. The volunteer is leading an art class and spends quality time with the child. The lesson is conducted in a friendly spirit and it is perfectly fine to talk to the child about what they have experienced the last week or how they are doing at school. In time, a relationship is formed between the child and the volunteer, which is very beneficial for the child, but the role of the volunteer in the program is only to support but not to substitute the parental role.

The volunteer’s activity lasts at least one school year. During the summer holidays, tutoring does not take place. During the school year 2020/2021, we are implementing this volunteering program in the DS Dúha, in Vrakuňa.

Conditions for participation in the program

The volunteers will be selected following these steps: an initial meeting with candidates for volunteering, completion of basic contact questionnaires and personal interview. Selected volunteers will have to attend a subsequent training.

The basic requirements for volunteering are:

  • minimum age of 21 years,
  • patience, responsibility towards the Program and the obligations arising therefrom,
  • healthy motivation - not to have overstated expectations from the child,
  • interest in working with children from socially weaker families,
  • willingness and possibility to devote two hours per week,
  • participation in training, supervisions, and joint activities,
  • commit to at least one full school year,
  • an arts education (primary, secondary or university) or self-thought art to which you are dedicated and can be explained to the child.
  • B2 in Slovak language

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In the school year 2020/2021 we are implementing the volunteering program within the project “Rozvoj dobrovoľníctva”. The project "Rozvoj dobrovoľníctva" is supported by the ACF - Slovakia program, which is funded by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021. The administrator of the program is the Ekopolis Foundation in partnership with the Open Society Foundation Bratislava and the Carpathian Foundation.