Tourist Angels

Tourist Angels

Tourist Angels is a volunteering program that aims to help the tourists and visitors of the city to find their way around. Tourist Angels are volunteers who are located on the most visited sites of Bratislava, where tourists can meet them. They are easily recognizable by their clothes with logo. They volunteer on the streets of Bratislava and get to know the tourists and people visiting the city. They are full of useful information and are stocked with promotional materials. They can guide tourists on how to get to some point of interest or how to move around the city, they know the most interesting parts of Bratislava, which are worth seeing. For example, they can advise the tourists where they can try authentic Slovak cuisine or which touristic sites they should definitely not miss when visiting Bratislava. All this information can be provided to the tourists not only in Slovak, but also in English.

How the volunteering program is run

Couple of volunteers are located in the most famous touristic areas of Bratislava – they are easily recognizable by the logo on their clothes and are available to help tourists and visitors of Bratislava. The volunteers are helping tourists to navigate the city, explain them how public transport works or can recommend where they can experience authentic Slovak cuisine. Tourist angels are available to tourists during the summer holidays on Saturdays (from June to September) from 11:00 to 16:00.

Conditions for participation in the program

Anyone who is open to new experiences and likes to communicate with people can participate in the program. The basic conditions for joining the programme are as follows:

  • minimum 15 years of age
  • the volunteer must be able to speak in English (other languages are an advantage)
  • willingness to participate in a training
  • readiness to participate in the program once per week
  • the volunteer may also be a foreigner living in Bratislava

I want to join the program

If you are interested to join the program, let us know via e-mail

We look forward to your participation!
Team BDC


The partner of the volunteering program is Bratislava Tourist Board.

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Program background

In 2014, we created the Tourist Angels volunteering program as part of the project 72 hours city, by Youth Council of Slovakia. The aim of the project was to involve and engage as many young people as possible and show them that a little is needed to provide a lot. The BDC was also involved in the project by preparing this volunteering program. The interest for participation in the program was really huge and the feedback from tourists was very positive. Nevertheless, it took us four more years to kick-of and deliver the project in cooperation and with support of the Bratislava Tourist Board. In April 2019, the first volunteers were already in the streets.