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A Postcard for Refugees

Hélène, Manuela and I are friends due to - of course - EVS. Manuela is incredibly active in the field of refugee assistance and I have always admired that. Now it is time to strike back. Because I; because everyone can contribute and help thousands of people struggling and being stuck in Europe (!) ! Here are a few key facts about the amazing idea:  

The idea of “Postcard for refugees” is to ​support the refugees integration and the associations involved​,​ by the mean of a simple postcard​. The design of the postcard will be created by European volunteers and it will be available to be downloaded and printed from a website for the symbolic price of 1 euro.

Allowing everyone to contribute and support the refugees’ cause, this euro will be given to the associations helping refugees and people in need. The main objective of this project is ​to ​promote social cohesion and awareness of the helping actions that are taking place around Europe by organizations.

This idea comes from latest happenings and a strong will to get involved for a better world. The immigration crisis and the awareness of the refugees’ problems let us think of a way to emphasize each ​individual's contribution​, to ​support and make visible the organizations' work in the field.

Its aim also is to ​promote the European Voluntary Service (EVS) and volunteering ​in general. To reach our goals, ​youngsters will design and create postcards freely​ and then combine the traditional postcards with ​modern digital communication to make it visible and available for everyone.

Right know the two are looking for organizations, institutions, businesses, and associations to promote their project and to spread awareness for the topics named above. Then, in 4 months time they can continue and collect the ideas for the postcards. 

Partners are: Fundament association,YMCA Jelsava. (possible partnership with UAREM (Macedonia), iHo organisation, Info Park (Serbia))

Media ​: Gomorilap news portal

Officials​ : Slovak National Erasmus Agency

If you are interested please contact:

Hélène Boulch, heleneeboulch@gmail.com

Manuela Ramos Cacciatore, mramoscacciatore@gmail.com



It is a way to show interest in migration issues and dedication to basic human rights and dignity with the simple gesture of sending a postcard, that benefits to organizations involved in the cases. One more thing: I want you to think about the last picture in the slide show. Just think about it for yourself. Thank you so much for reading this, really appreciate it!

Luka Paul Vethake



Quote of the day:

"„Wenn ich die kurze Dauer meines Lebens bedenke, zwischen der vorhergehenden und der folgenden Ewigkeit, die kleine Strecke, welche die meine ist, wenn ich die ungeheueren, unendlichen Räume sehe, die ich nicht kenne, und die mich nicht kennen, so erschrecke ich und staune, dass ich hier bin und nicht dort, denn es ist kein Grund, warum ich nicht anderswo sein sollte anstatt hier, nicht zu anderer Zeit leben sollte anstatt jetzt. Wer hat mich hierher gestellt?“

~ Blaise Pascal

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