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A Slovak Welcome

Hallo, Hola, Hello, Ahoj! Welcome to a new round of the 10-months-EVS-diary! I am Nina, originally from Hamburg in Germany and now living here in Bratislava since the beginning of September. For all of you who have not been waiting for the new girl’s blog posts eagerly (I don’t blame you if you didn’t), I am the new European Voluntary Sevice volunteer here in BDC and I will (hopefully regularly) contribute to this blog to let you have a look at life in Bratislava as a volunteer from abroad. I am excited how these 10 months will turn out and I am happy to get the opportunity to learn and get to know so many new things, people and situations. 

A big thank you to BDC already for your warm welcome and all the time you have spent to give me such an opportunity to get to know you and you country for almost a year! I feel safe in your hands. And thank you for everyone who is going to take the time in the upcoming months to catch up with this diary, I hope it will be both entertaining and helpful for you.

So far in my first 12 days in Bratislava I have been getting to know the city a little (at this point I am able to use the public transport correctly in about 80% of the time, that is definitely and improvement) and my work in BDC, of course.

The annual week of volunteering is coming up, starting on Saturday, and I am excited to be able to promote volunteering in Bratislava and through EVS, to volunteer myself and to get to know all of the organizations that we are working with. Especially the opportunity to take loads of photos throughout the week is something that I am looking forward to, because I enjoy photography a lot and would love to improve my skills throughout the year. The ladies at BDC are working very hard to make everything work out perfectly on Saturday and the following week and I hope to be helpful at this point.

So far I like about my work here that I can do different tasks every day and have a lot of freedom regarding my schedule. And, of course, I really like my colleagues :) Everything is so new to me that I feel like Alice in Wonderland on many occasions and exhausted like Po from Kung Fu Panda in the evenings, but I will get used to it soon, I guess. Of course I miss my home and especially the people I love, but I hope they will all visit me soon and that we will stay in touch. Let’s start this awfully big adventure!

Nina Stüven
EVS Volunteer

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