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Bratislava EVS guide - Lakes in town


The lake in this town is located four kilometres past Rusovce and is easy to get to also by buses 91 or 191 from under Most SNP, or by bike (one hour along the Rusovce path). The two former reservoirs here are quieter and have crystal clear water. There are no refreshment stalls near the lake, but you can purchase food and drinks in the local Čuňovo food stores. Water in Cunovo Lake is the cleanest and clearest of all lakes in Bratislava. It is not deeper than 4 meters. There are two super grass beaches and you can taste Slovak beer and sausages in a buffet. Completely surrounded by trees and bushes, quiet surroundings and clean water, Cunovo is a beloved summer hang-out for local people, but not too crowded.



Vel'ký Draždiak is a natural lake in Petržalka that originated from gravel mining during the 1980s. Bathing here is at your own risk. Velky Draziak in Bratislava is located near to Hospital of St. Cyril and Metod and next to the playing field. There is an area for walking, swimming, fishing and other.



It is situated near Polus shopping center. Those who like sports can do many activities besides swimming – beach volley, street ball and football or table tennis. The area is also suitable for running. Several restaurants and buffets offer refreshments. Kuchajda Lake is one of the artificial, but cool lakes of Bratislava, which serve to relax you all year around. In summer you can swim or water bike in its chilly water, in winter it turns to be a great outdoor ice skating surface.


Rusovce Lake

Rusovce is a favourite hang-out for local nudists. You can easily get there on bike by crossing any bridge to Petržalka and following the bike path south along the river for about 45 minutes. Stop when you see the bare bodies. You can also take bus 91 or 191 beginning under Most SNP. Plenty of greenery rings the lake, providing quiet if muddy alcoves for moderate privacy. The former reservoir, which is quite clean, quickly gets deep, making this not the best place for small children. Also a popular naturist spot. Situated in the woods on the margin of the city part Bratislava-Rusovce, the lakes provide clean water with stone bottom. The water gets deep fast though, which is not great for small children.There are possibilities for inline skaters and cyclists who come here to refresh themselves. If you prefer to swim naked, many nudists come to the smaller lake, too.


Štrkovecké jazero

It is situated in the city part of Ružinov and is popular cultural, social, recreational and sport area. A running track goes around the lake. Near the lake is a playground for children and young adults. Unfortunately, Štrkovské jazero is not a lake for swimming, but rather for fishing. Nonetheless, many people still come to sunbathe here during summer time. On warm days it is also possible to rent a little boat and scull around. In winter, when the water is frozen, the lake turns into one of the biggest natural surfaces for ice-skating in Bratislava. Moreover, the running path with its special surface is used 365 days a year. However, if you are not the running type, just walk around the lake as many people do.


Zlaté Piesky

Zlaté Piesky means Golden Sand =). The lake itself is the biggest of the city. The area has an entrance close to the tram station. This side of the lake is well kept; there are many trees, where one can hide in the shade as well as numerous possibilities to do some (water) sports. The “free of charge” side of the lake is hardly accessible without a car. However, if you prefer to enjoy the sunshine naked, you’d better get to THAT side (the one further from the centre). This shore is also well known as the gay friendly one. This sport and recreational area with a natural lake is situated in the north east border of the city surrounded by calmness and greenery. Besides swimming, you can visit sport playgrounds (tennis, volleyball and football field), mini golf, tube, wakeborad lift, restaurants but also a variety of cultural and social events. Discounts with European Youth Card


Photo credits : slovakia.com and Martin Baran

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