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Bratislava EVS guide – Meeting people

You are not alone!

Bratislava is actually much more like a small village than a capital city. You will soon meet acquaintances and friends randomly on the street - having a chat, going spontanously for a coffee, making plans for the weekend.

But first of all you have to get to know those people. There are many ways that makes it quiet easy to connect here. Let's start with number one: your mentor - he or she is supposed to show you some places, introduce you to people.

But sometimes is just appears that you don't have this kind of connection, so let's get to number two. Slovakia is a small country, but you will be suprised how many evs-volunteers are walking the streets up and down. You could wait for your on-arrival training to meet some of them but to be honest you will regret it afterwards that you haven't met them before. There are several meetings for foreigners in Bratislava.

Let us recommend you one of those meetings called BLEM (Bratislava Language Exchange Meeting) - Why we want to do that? Easy - A lot of people take part in this weekly meetings, you will listen to a lot of stories and it is every week in another Pub/Bar. To stay up to date you have to join their group on facebook - Bratislava Language Exchange Meetings – few days before they will create the event and inform about the place. Apart from our beloved time-robbing friend you can also ask your organisation to help you to connect to other volunteers. Once you know one, soon you will know many, many, many.

Bratislava Language Exchange Meetings - a lot of people are in this group and with them a lot of spam; or let's call it: things you're not always interessted in. Don't waste your time trying to read everything!

FLEM - French Language Exchange Meeting - this group is for those who really want to learn / improve their French. Every monday people meet from 6.30pm on in a bar, playing games, talking and learning - it is much more familiar than for example the BLEM. But you should speak or have motivation to speak French.

SLEM (Slovak Language Exchange Meeting) Okay, so as you know these kind of language meetings now - this is the one for Slovak lanuguage.

German Language Exchange Meeting in Bratislava


Couchsurfing in Bratislava Couchsurfing's concept is to be hosted anywhere in the world for its members. And with that comes along a huge community of people who gather regularly in their city. In Bratislava, meetings are on monday. Check the Facebook group to know where because they change place every week.

Jazyková kaviareň You wanna meet people while speaking your favorite languages ? Come to KC Dunaj on the first Wednesday of the month, you'll find a language café with plenty of people to talk to in any language from 17.30.

KC Dunaj The cultural centre Dunaj˜ is located on the fourth floor of a former warehouse at the SNP Square in Bratislava. The entrance is from the Nedbalová street. At Dunaj˜ you can attend live shows, club nights, literature, visual arts, theater, social events. Part of the venue is the bar, with a terrace with the best view of the Old town.

Other Facebook groups that could be interesting for you :

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Used stuff for sale in Bratislava!

The 'offline-way' is much more fun - participate in free festival, visit galleries or just have a walk around the city. You will notice there are a lot of foreigners, speaking any language. For sure some of them are tourist but a lot of foreigners also live in Bratislava.


Photo credit : SLEM, Couchsurfing in Bratislava and KC Dunaj

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