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Bratislava EVS guide – Settling down

Congratulations ! You made, you finally arrived in Bratislava ! Now you need to get to know the city. First of all, here is all you need to know about transport in the city !

Public transport

The public transportation system in Bratislava consists of buses, trolley buses and trams – no underground :)

They operate from early morning (around 4am) and end around midnight. During the night there is a net of night line buses. Those night buses lines begins with a N.

The tickets must be purchased prior to entering a vehicle – at the ticket machines available at most of the stops, newspapers kiosks or special public transportation shops After getting on the vehicle, you need to mark the ticket in a special machine which is built in each bus, trolley bus and tram – otherwise, if you are caught, you can get a fine of 50 €.



It is cheaper when you dial in the taxi service to order a car, rather than to stop a car that you see on the street (they have a higher rate). You can save up even half of the price sometimes this way. Minimal fare is 3.00€ and the price for one kilometer is approximately 1€.

Presporok 0904 700 699

Happy Taxi +421 2 16 223

Hello Taxi +421 2 16 321

Trend Taxi +421 2 16 302

Super Taxi +421 2 16 616

Fun Taxi +421 2 16 777

How to order in slovak

Dobry den, prosim si taxi na _________ Hello I need a taxi to______________

Meno _______ Name___________

Idem do _____ I am going to_________

Pät' (5) minut


You like cycling but you don't have a bike in Bratislava ? You can visit sport equipment places like Decathlon in Bory mall or you can get a second hand bike. How ? Go to Šafarikovo Namestie on wednesday night. From 18.00 till 23.45, volunteers are there to help you repair your bike. They also sell some as second hand. So, it's 2 things at once: learning to repair a bike and getting one at the end of the evening !


Shopping for your new home

To fully feel at home you maybe need some decoration or new items for your new home. Here are the places where you can find cheap things to customize your slovak house.


Like anywhere else, it's a bit out of the city center. But it's easyly reachable by bus and it is open until 22.00 everydays !

Address: Ivánska cesta 18, 821 04 Bratislava.


Tiger is a good options if you are searching for small things for your new appartment. It's a shop where you can find all kind of things at cheap price and nice design. It's a small shop so you may not find what you were looking for but for sure you will find something to bring home !

Addresses: Eurovea shopping center, Pribinova 8, Bratislava

Obchodná 45, Bratislava


You're a smoker ? Here is all you need to know about smoking policy in Slovakia. Smoking is prohibited at the airport, bus stations and on all public transportation. However, smoking is widely spread among Slovaks and therefore there are some smoking restaurants or cafés in the city. Cigarettes are easily available at gas stations, supermarkets, newspaper stands and kiosks. Even a few restaurants, cafes, and pubs sell a wide range of brands of cigarettes.


As a European Voluntary Service volunteer you will receive a European Youth Card either prior to your arrival in Slovakia or during your first month of service. The European Youth Card is a card for young people offering a large number of discounts on culture, travel, accommodation, shopping and services in most European countries. Check out the discounts in our online database, which you can search by category, city and/or country.

You are searching for something more ? Slovakia has its own versions of Groupon, the website that finds the best deals for different services. Two webistes offer discounts : www.zlavadna.sk and www.zlavomat.sk


Photo credits : Aapo Haapanen, Guillaume Speurt and Cyklo Kuchyňa

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