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Bratislava EVS guide - Usefull links

M_P_BA is a listing of places popular among the Bratislava locals with their authentic recommendations and subjective reviews. 

Spotted by locals, city guides with insider tips by locals in 62 cities, including Bratislava 

Like a local guide, online city guide with tips of local people 

WelcomeToBratislava, a blog about Bratislava in english where you will find events and places to go to 

Internationals Bratislava is an association that organizes all kind of events for international people living in Bratislava 

Website of Bratislava Tourist Information Center 

Website of Slovak Tourist Board 

To learn slovak 

The Slovak Spectator, news website in English 

Public Trasportation in Bratislava 

Discounts : www.zlavadna.sk and www.zlavomat.sk


Photo credit : Miroslav Petrasko

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