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Delving into voluntarism

The Pillow Fight

Hello everybody. On Friday 9th the pillow fight took place on the roof terrace at CENTRAL. Everyone had a great time enjoying the good company and offers based on voluntary work. We informed a lot of people about volunteer opportunities in Bratislava and promoted voluntarism among the people. Thanks to volunteers we were provided with free cake and drinks. So yes, Ivana and I spent an awesome time there and are waiting for the next pillow fight! I made a little “Aftermovie” which can be found on our Youtube channel; always worth a visit by the way!

The “Volunteer Fair”

For me the “Week of volunteering 2016” started with the “Volunteer fair” on September 17th at Stará tržnica and ended with lots of new impressions and experiences. The fair was really crowded and everyone was checking out volunteer opportunities. I was talking to english-speaking people and made a lot of new contacts. I will use these contacts to create a database of English-speaking volunteers.

The “Week of volunteering”

The voluntary activities were really nice. There were plenty opportunities to volunteer, all of them for the benefit of society but unique in accomplishment. I helped to clean windows at “Združenie na pomoc ľuďom s mentálnym postihnutím v SR (ZPMPVSR)”, to prepare a fence for painting at “Centrum voľného času (CVC)“, did gardening to revitalize the area for “OZ STOPA Slovensko” and painted walls and door frames for a youth institution called “Kaspian”.

I think that every participant experienced his or her very own “feeling of charity”. For me this was the first time of formal volunteering and I have to say I enjoyed it and did not miss any payment! The “Week of volunteering” is an important event which encourages people to help the society they live in and can be carried out many more times in the future. The “Week of volunteering” teaches us not only how to do work but also how to rediscover the gratitude of the people next to us.

The closing party

The closing party at Umelka was a great conclusion for a successful week. Not only the feedback but also the numbers confirm the success of the “Week of volunteering 2016”: 1111 volunteers did 2878 hours of voluntary work. Wow. All I can say is that BDC is proud of that and looking forward to the following years!

Luka Paul Vethake



Quote of the day:

"Don't ever question the value of volunteers. Noah's Ark was built by volunteers; the Titanic was built by professionals."

~ unknown

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