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BVC is a civic association working in the area of promotion and development of volunteering in Bratislava region. The role of this organization is to promote volunteering among citizens of Bratislava, to motivate them for volunteering and to match them with suitable organizations, but also to cooperate with all NGOs, public institutions, hospitals, schools, social care centres in Bratislava which are involving volunteers into their activities and look for suitable volunteers for them. BVC is also implementing various campaigns with the goal to increase the number of people in Bratislava who are actively volunteering such as Week of Volunteering or Volunteer Fair. We are also offering training and supervision for volunteer coordinators. In addition to that, BVC is looking for ways how to involve foreigners living in Bratislava into volunteering as there is quite a large number of them and they might be a great resource of skills and knowledge. At least, but not last, we are also running our own volunteer programs. You can find more about us here.

We are looking for EVS volunteer for 4 months. The best period when to come, so you can be really part of all great projects is june- september 2018, but you can start also later. 

Who are we looking for:

- motivated person (17- 30 years old) with sense of creativity
- someone open to new challenges
- comunicative and responsible person
- someone who like taking pictures, can use camera and know something about graphic design (this is not must, we can teach you)

Main tasks of your volunteer work in BDC:

- you will help us with preparation of various trainings, events, volunteer activities in Bratislava and Bratislava region (Week of Volunteering, Volunteer Fair, Date with volunteering, Trainings for volunteer coordinators, et.)
- you will help us with our volunteer programs in our partners organizations (Som tu pre teba- learning with children, Rýchla rota- last minute volunteering, etc.)
- you will help us to promote volunteering and EVS within secondary school students, inform them about opportunities and this way give them a chance to find out that they can make a difference, what they can learn and how they can help
- you will help us to promote volunteering within communities and foreign volunteers living in Bratislava region, inform them about opportunities and this way give them a chance to find out that they can make a difference not only in their home countries, but also in other countries. 
- you will help us with administrative of our projects
- you will contribute regularly to the blog on our webpage about his/her EVS experience in BVC (http://www.blog.dobrovolnictvoba.sk/), about volunteering in Bratislava and about organizations registered in BVC database 

Which learning outcomes or competences (i.e. knowledge, skills and attitudes/behaviours) are to be acquired/improved by participants in each planned activity of your project: 

- communication skills
- organizational skills
- knowledge of the functioning of EDS
- creativity
- troubleshooting
- teamwork
- independence
- time management
- tolerance and respect
- solidarity approach

If you are interested, please send us your CV and motivation letter (or better, send us your motivation video!) to info@dobrovolnictvoba.sk until 15. May 2018.

Looking forward to have you in our team!

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