EVS Diary

Going home for Christmas

A happy new year to everyone who is or isn’t reading this EVS diary entry, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas time.

As most of the EVS volunteers in Slovakia I went home over the Christmas holidays, since my work centers closed as well and the city kind of empties itself the day before Christmas because all of the inhabitant visit their families outside of Bratislava. I was very much looking forward to meet all of my loved ones again, to celebrate Christmas and to eat heaps of good food and my hopes were definitely fulfilled.

The journey back to Hamburg takes a while, but the train is running directly from the Bratislava main station everyday between Budapest and Hamburg-Altona. So if you ever wanted to cross Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany within in the same train and day I definitely recommend the Eurocity that leaves Bratislava every day at 10.10 a.m. for Hamburg and at 5:50 p.m. for Budapest.

Being able to understand everyone at home after being in Slovakia always surprises me and I can’t keep myself from saying “Dobrý den” to strangers on the street for the first couple of days – that gives you some very bewildered looks if you try it. For me it was very easy to adjust back into my home except that my mum had changed the place of our garbage bin in the meantime and throughout my entire stay home I kept trying to throw the garbage away in the wrong spot. Apparently I am not such quick learner as I thought myself to be… But besides that it was very good to spend time with my family and my boyfriend and to also see all of my friends again. A great thing about Christmas is that all of your friends from school return home from their universities, work placements or voluntary services and you get to catch up on all of the changes that they have experienced. A lot of my former classmates have not decided for a career path yet and it was interesting to discuss their options and interests with them and to see those who have started a subject and how they recommend those. And then all the food! My grandpa made the right choice to skip breakfast after the very heavy New Year’s Eve dinner because then he was able to eat on at lunchtime while everyone else could only fit a small dish into their stuffed tummies. Note to myself: This year take grandpa as an example.

In the end of my Christmas break I can only say that it feels way to short and that I miss all of loved ones at home already again. But it was great to see my friends in Bratislava again after my arrival and I will enjoy my time here in spite of the homesickness that I have brought home from Hamburg. Because that is what EVS is for after all, right?

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