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Holidays at home

Being back from a long stay away is very strange. You have to readjust to your own country ! Thing is, as it's your country and your culture, readjusting is super fast. You hear your own language all around, you readjust to French people and compare them to Slovaks, noticing things you have never noticed before. You eat french food and enjoy french products impossible to find in Slovakia.

For me it was the festival of cheese ! I've never eaten so much of it in 10 days ! I've missed it more than I thought. I arrived on December 24th and after Christmas dinner, I was not sure I still had some space for cheese. But I told my sister, "bring it, at least I can watch it"! I felt like I had to catch up on all the cheese I have not been eating in 9 months ! I guess cheese is the responsible for me gaining 2 kilos over the holidays =) ! Being back in your own country is easier than going away in a place you don't know. I remember arriving in Bratislava and feeling tired at the end of the day to the point I had to nap.

I'm not sure the reason I was tired in France was due to the fact that :

  • I had no time to recover from my trip (waiting in airports is very tiring),
  • I understood everything everyone was saying and so, not able to turn the conversations around me into background noise
  • I had 2 big family dinner on the 25th and 26th and I'm not used to be surrounded by many people at once.

So I don't know if France was tiring in itself or just the schedule of sy stay there. It's funny, not much has changed in my hometown, yet I noticed right away the new shops. I enjoyed going to the market, so different from the slovak ones. The people are so different in Slovakia and in France. I think I get now why French people have the reputation to be arrogant. Just watch them in the street, they scan you like they're better than you ! I was missing a bit of Slovak language in my life, so I was telling "nech sa pači" to people eventhough they did not understand. But not being able to practice made me forget a bit my vocabulary. I am wondering if I will keep going in saying dobré all the time when I will be back for good. I like picking up some phrases from the different place I lived in. But with no one to practice, my slovak will deteriorate very fast. Fortunately, a friend I met here lives close to my place in France ! So, if I need to speak about Slovakia, I know who to call/visit.

Claire Billon-Grand

Photo : The Elephants Fountain, symbol of my home town, Chambéry by Thierry Llansades.

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