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Introducing a coordinator

I first met Maria when I visited RC Dlháčik in order to get some general information about this partner organization of us. As I was guided around in a very nice way I decided to "honour" this with an interview :-P . Underneath you can read the outcome which hopefully brings some illumination into the world of the volunteer coordinators!


What is your job as a coordinator?

  • My job is to communicate with all (including potential) volunteers. Usually, I introduce them to our family centre Dlháčik and then keep in touch with them all the time. I am also the person who writes e-mails with "help please" in the subject :))

Name the funniest/best and worst experience you have had so far.

  • I just realized I do not have any bad experiences... It is always pleasure to meet somebody who is willing to help, willing to offer his or her time for something good and meaningful. All volunteers I have met so far, share this great enthusiasm. And that is why I am truly honoured to meet them.

Why is your job important and what makes it special?

  • It is special, because I meet special people :) And its importance is obvious - only with help from volunteers our family centre can be so great place. They helped us with so many things - for example activities for kids, cleaning premises, painting walls, playing theatre, helping with special program... sometimes it looks like little bit, but it is always huge help and in the end it makes Dlháčik what it is today - lovely and warming place to stay with kids.

How did you get into coordinating volunteers?

  • Actually, I do not know :)) Nobody was doing it, so I took the role.

What is the most difficult part of your job?

  • The most difficult part is to explain my kids that mum has a job to do. Usually during interviews with new volunteers, they interrupt us many times with various demands... so it is always quite dynamic :)

Why do you think volunteering is important?

  • Just simply - I think volunteering brings something special to this world :) So many great things have been done only because of selfless effort of some people. We can see it everyday in our family centre.

Say three things a coordinator needs the most.

  • Well, coordinator needs volunteers the most :)) That is why I always try to explain them how important their help is. Also, I think coordinator needs to listen to volunteers (to understand their preferences and possibilities) and to communicate exactly what kind of help is currently needed.

Has there been a change in the area of volunteering the time you have spent in this “business” so far?

  • I can see more younger people coming - high school students. It is lovely, because their point of view is different and they can add their vitality to our place.


Luka Paul Vethake interviewing Maria Bohunska, coordinator of volunteers of RC Dlháčik



Quote of the day:

"Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves."

~James Matthew Barrie



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