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Introducing an EVS project

Manuela (Spain) and David (Hungary) are EVS volunteers. To be precise: David was an EVS volunteer; now working in Prague. I met Manuela on the EVS on-arrival training and since then we stayed in touch and saw each other a couple of times. Through Manuela I got to know David. This is one out of many examples how EVS works – it connects people and cultures and establishes a network of young skilled adults making their way through life. Each EVS volunteer however is asked to realise his or her own EVS project. To show the variety of these projects I thought it would be nice to get an impression of others. Enjoy!

1. What is your project about?

  • The project “EVS ebook 2017” is about gathering the experiences of other volunteers who are participating in the European Voluntary Service programme in Slovakia to promote EVS. My colleague David and I believed that it could be a nice memory for all of us and also an useful tool for future volunteers to get to know more information about the projects which are taking place in Slovakia, lifestyle, challenges and experiences lived by previous volunteers.

2. How did you come up with the idea of your project?

  • Everything was in the line that we were working in our organisation >>> Motivate people to do their EVS in Slovakia. And with that purpose in mind, we just made a step beyond. First of all, we created an English website (http://www.evs.fundament.sk/) and a blog to show our daily life and the activities we have set up during our EVS. After that, we started to share the content on a Facebook page following the same purpose, although we realised that something was missing: the experiences of our colleagues in other Slovak cities. At the beginning of Christmas, we came up with the idea of creating “something” to compile all the information in an interview-gathering experiences format. And after rolling out some options, we launched our ebook project.

3. To what extend will it be useful for following EVS volunteers?

  • This project could be a guidance for future volunteers who consider doing their EVS in Slovakia. It is always more helpful and trustful to have some feedback from volunteers who have been part of these Slovak EVS vacancies.

4. Did you have any difficulties with your project so far?

  • We don’t have any difficulties so far, quite the contrary! The project is very attractive for volunteers and for our coordinator who encouraged us to initiate the project as soon as we cleared the idea of what we wanted. Indeed during the first week of promotion - through a Facebook group, nothing official-, we have received more than fifteen emails from volunteers interesting in taking part of our project! We believe that the opportunity to leave a mark of your EVS time has enough engagement to ensure participation.

5. What makes your project unique or different compared to other projects?

  • The “quid pro quo” we create. The project is establish not only to provide a memory of your EVS time in Slovakia but to foster and encourage future volunteers to take the decision. It is a win-win situation for everybody.

6. Do you think a personal project is important for every EVS volunteer? If yes, give reason why.

  • For me, a personal project is related to your own appetite and enthusiasm for learning. Thus, a personal project during the EVS is up to everyone although I sincerely believe that it is an opportunity to develop own initiative and entrepreneurship, even though it is a great challenge, without doubt.

7. How will you use your remaining time of EVS?

  • I would like to use my remaining time to make further progress on my city: starting coffee language meetings, doing a workshop about EVS in a school, organizing some activities with volunteers coming from other Slovak cities… And also take time to planify my next steps after EVS!

8. What are your three wishes for the future?

  • Achieve something meaningful to remember my EVS. For instance, I would like to convince my little sister to join EVS programme through my experience.
  • Have an international family. Because the relationships with the friends I have made here shouldn’t fall on deaf ears.
  • EVS programme will have the recognition and reputation that it deserves.

Luka Paul Vethake



Quote of the day:

"The world is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers."

~Terri Guillemets

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