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I am leaving in less than a week. Time for mixed up feelings. I am both happy and sad to leave. I am surely more attached to this place than I imagined. I know, Slovakia is not my dream country, but 10 months and you get attached to it no matter what. I built a life here. It was not easy but I have friends and a network here. Saying good bye to everyone is hard. I always prefer leaving than seeing my friends leave. But both are hard actually. This week is a special moment to say good bye to everyone and realize how much I will miss my friends and my life in Bratislava. I will miss this city. That little big city that kept on surprising me. I will leave a piece of me here. Bratislava is part of my life and my expereince here is part of who I am now.

This year was so emotionally intense. 10 months is a period that leaves time for adventures ! I had so many. I really enjoyed travelling the neighbouring countries and discovering new things. I enjoyed learning new things at work and developping my writing skills. Blogging was a project I had for a long time and writing for BDC's blog was a real pleasure. I liked those moments where I took time to reflect on my life. I want to keep on blogging, I just need a new topic. Though, I think this time it will be in french.

I am grateful to all the people I met here, you guys made me grow. I am amazed by how much people I know here and by the fact that for some of them, elsewhere, we would have never met. One of the reason I like to travel and to live abroad is for the relationship you develop with people away from your bubble. I like how it gets intense so fast. With no support system already established, you need to develop your own soon and so you get into personal stuffs very fast with your new friends. I have really met people of great value here. And I hope I will keep in touch with most of them. Unfortunately when you're not around, it's harder to talk. But I will visit you guys wherever you are! I'm still addicted to travel !

It's strange, nothing is really waiting for me in France. The coming back will be hard I think. This EVS was a unique experience. It was an adventure. I am proud, I am no afraid to embark in crazy things like that. I remember when I said yes to Gabi to freak out for a day or 2 because I was going to a country I knew nothing about. During this year I often felt alienated by the fact that I could not understand people around me. But I am glad I got to discover this part of Europe. Travelling in central Europe was not my priority, so I am happy I had the opportunity to get to know this part of the world.

I want to thank my colleagues Gabi, Betka and Žofka for being supportive all along this year. As well as all the people I met here : my slovak teachers, my slovak friends, my international friends, my fellow EVSers,... You are always welcome in my place ! THANK YOU !

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