EVS Diary

Mid-term meeting and farewell

Welcome back everyone! Thank you for visiting my blog once again. A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks.

First of all I finally got to visit Budapest with my sister which was a great experience. After living in little big Bratislava for a while now we were both very impressed by the size of Budapest’s buildings and streets. We were lucky both with the weather and our Airbnb-hosts and had a wonderful time. If you are ever wondering whether you should visit Budapest don’t hesitate, it is definitely worth a visit.

Two weeks later I went to my mid-term meeting in Kežmarok, a small town next to the Tatra Mountains in the east of Slovakia. It was very nice to meet almost the entire group from the on-arrival training again and to catch up on their lives in Slovakia. The excitement of the Spanish volunteers about their first Snowboard-ride during their EVS was great, as well as the stories of a volunteer in Trstená about her eight-years-old English students in a primary school. We had some seminar sessions about opportunities after the EVS as well as a trip to Štrbské Pleso and Kežmarok itself – it was very cold! The snow has even reached Bratislava during the last week and it really feels like winter now, especially since I am used to a lot of rain instead of snow from Hamburg during this season.

Besides all of the travelling I am slowly preparing for my final departure from Bratislava. I will definitely miss the friends I have made here and will be happy to visit them again. I learned a lot about other cultures, Slovakia and myself during my time here and I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to explore the little big city and its surroundings as an EVS volunteer. A big thank you also to BDC who made me a part of their team and helped me to feel welcomed here. And finally thank you, the readers of this blog, for following me along the way through my EVS in Bratislava. I hope that this blog will soon be continued by another EVS volunteer so stay tuned to hear more about life in Bratislava!

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