EVS Diary

Mid Term training

Some were missing, some new people joined us. This changed a bit the group dynamic but it was good to meet again with the friends I made in September. This time, the focus was on problem solving, looking back on our experience and what to do after the EVS.

We shared our difficulties and successes, got to learn more about each project. Every experience is so different. Some people are doing programming when other are making cheese in an ecovillage in the middle of nowhere ! In the trainings, we also do a lot of team building activities and cooperation games.

This helps us reflect in a different way on our experience and get to know each other better. Some people reveal themselves as real leaders. This training was also about openning up and sharing personnal things about ourselves with people that we don't know so well. This is disturbing but also interesting because sometimes it is easier to talk to strangers than to people you know well. We also enjoyed a morning in Spišské Podhradie, a city not far from the training's place where there is a castle and an ecclesiastic town with a cathedral. Unfortunately, the castle was closed, but we still enjoyed a nice hike from the bust stop to its entrance, overlooking a sea of clouds on the valley.

Our trainers thought that at least the yard would be available to visit but the employee we saw there was not able to let us in. Nevertheless, we continued our hike to the village of Spišské Podhradie and up the other hill to Spišská Kapitula, the ecclesiastic town overlooking the -closed- castle. In Kipitula, we were luckier and our trainers negociated a visit of the cathedral for free. I was happy to discover this place I had not the chance to visit in August. Indeed, I visited Spišské Podhradie this summer when my Slovak teacher invited me to join her in an Eastern trip. I felt in love with the castle and I was happy to see it again in a different season and with my friends. The last day was dedicated to the after evs. I guess it was a bit strange for my friends who just started their project, but it was very useful for me.

However, we had not enough time to go into it in depth or to ask questions as the training was already coming to an end and people had to leave. Me and my friends from Bratislava were among the first to leave. The way back was so long but we enjoyed a nice view over the Tatras in the train. Seeing the snowy mountains is always so emotional for me as I grew up in a ski resort. Then the fog covered us again until Bratislava !

Claire Billon- Grand

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