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My EVS project

This is an announcement of the release of my EVS project "EVS book". The „EVS book“ aims to collect and share useful information and experiences so that future volunteers can use it as a tool for their own purposes.

I tried to write everything down that bothers me, good and bad experiences, useful hints and general information. So it is a mixture of a diary and portable adviser. Its function is to give an insight into the life of an EVS volunteer volunteering for the Bratislava Volunteer Centre as well as the everyday life and daily challenges or struggles. To me it was very important to include honest and personal details because I wanted people to see that EVS is no vacation where you „don't worry, be happy“.

The EVS book informs about trips and hints, personal experiences and feelings and struggles. I think my project is useful because I tell my impressions first hand and as honest as possible, so that EVS volunteers see how EVS for a 19-year old man is: not always easy, challenging but in the end absolutely worth it and not to miss for any kind of person.

The accumulation of parts of experiences and information throughout the whole year only make sense if the reader puts them together to see the overall puzzle. So, if you're interested in what I wrote please be patient for approximately one further month; my EVS book will then be available in a digital format.

Thanks for reading, if you want you can share this information and I will be most grateful.

Luka Paul Vethake



Quote of the day:

"Every man feels instinctively that all the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action."

~James Russell Lowell 

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