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Peace for Paris

When I learnt about the attacks I was about to go to sleep, happy that I had prepared everything for my departure for Prague the next day. A friend's status on Facebook changed everything. I was reading “what's happenning AGAIN in Paris ?” and then I checked the news and learnt about what was still going on : 6 attacks happening in Paris and Saint Denis. Immediately, I was scared for my sister. I texted her and was only relieved when she refused my call. She was alive. But those attacks aslo meant that no matter what we do we're not safe. The target was people having fun, at a football match, a concert, a restaurant or a bar. Why ???? So now we will be scared all the time ?

I did not know how to react. The first reaction was the shock. It's the biggest terrorist attack France has ever had to deal with. 129 people lost their lives. 129. This number shocked me. I was checking the news more than ever. What happened is not understandable, but I want to have the maximum of information available. Because I am far away. I feel so helpess. In France it would be the same, but I would be among my people. It's strange to live this in a foreign land. During the week end, I was visiting Prague on my own. So, I had not a lot of occasions to really talk to people. However, during a free guided tour, I met an Israelian boy and I asked him how it's like to deal with terrorism or war on a regular basis. He told me that you just have to continue to live your life because anyways, you can die while crossing the street.

I find very beautiful the reactions in France. On saturday, people gathered on Place de la République to testimony of their solidarity with the victims and their family. More than ever, we need to be together. This attack is very different from the one that happenned in January against Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket. On November 13th, they did not target anyone in particuliar, they wanted to kill the maximum of people. The people who just enjoy life. So the reaction is less controversial than in january. Everyone is in shock, nobody can understand to kill people sitting at a terrace. The victims are anonyms, terrorists wanted to kill normal people, it could have been anyone and maybe that's the most frightening.

But we must not let fear win. We must be together and fight for our values, no matter what.


Claire Billon-Grand

Photo : andil.com

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