EVS Diary

The new one

Hi there! My name is Luka, 19 years old and I am from Germany. As an EVS volunteer I have the honor to continue writing this blog right here at BDC in the heart of Bratislava. I just graduated secondary school and I have never been to Bratislava or Slovakia before. Thanks a mill for reading my blog and I don't want to waste any more time on introducing myself, so let's start!


Why EVS?

Going to university straight after graduation didn't sound very reasonable to me. So what else was there? The EVS was the perfect opportunity for me to stay a year abroad without paying a penny. Making new friends and getting to know a new culture were the best parts of my student exchange to Ireland in 2013. After such a great experience I couldn't wait to spend time in foreign countries again!

So for me this is the perfect time to take a year off; not losing a year abroad but gaining a lot of new competences such as improved communication and IT/PR skills. But also social benefits: getting to know my own strengths and weaknesses, taking responsibility for projects or people and a lot more.

There are more advantages of an EVS like seeing how the life of an adult must be like and how I'm getting on when I am on my own. Furthermore I would like to give something back to the society I live in and experience a feeling of charity.


Why Slovakia?

This is a funny story now because actually I didn't expect to come here. As a becoming volunteer it's always good to send applications to as many organizations as possible because there is no guarantee that you get chosen. So I wrote to France, Malta, Denmark, Scotland, Slovakia (obviously) and many more countries. But BDC was the first organization to react and to invite me for a Skype interview. So I confirmed the job in Bratislava because I like the work and staff here but also because I wasn't sure whether the other organizations would answer or not. 

I am very happy with my decision though! Besides the fact that I have a link to Eastern Europe because of my family and trips to Poland I found Bratislava to be a beautiful and welcoming city with lots of cosiness and openness!


What am I going to do?

Obviously I will be in charge of writing this blog including posts, pictures and videos. I will try to teach you something about volunteers and voluntary services in Germany as well as informing you about activities going on in the field of volunteering here in Bratislava. Helping to improve and develop BDC's website are also tasks of mine.

Then I have to motivate people to do voluntary work and to come to BDC for more information and offers. This is done by giving presentations in schools or publishing newspaper articles. Volunteers who sign up on our webpage will find their way into a system of e-mails and databases.

Another part of my work will be to sort the volunteers by name, e-mail address and work and match them to their responsible organization. I also have to get in touch with organizations to find out if their offers on our webpage are still available or if they want to renew them.

Furthermore I will contact organizations or companies asking them whether they accept English- or German-speaking volunteers as well or not. If yes I visit them for a talk clarifying what volunteering is and means, how the coordination should look like, what a volunteer needs and so on.

And the last point: I will have to volunteer! I will sign up for several offers to promote volunteering there. I am looking forward to the “Week of volunteering 2016” where you can learn a lot about it, talk to volunteers at first hand and get involved. See you there!

Luka Vethake



Quote of the day:

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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