EVS Diary

The visitors !

It was the occasion to visit other places and for them to see where I live. My mom was very curious of my daily life : where I work, where I eat,...

So she was happy to finally discover the place I live in and to see how Bratislava is like. It was the occasion to do things I haven't done yet like the free guided tour of Bratislava, going to Brno and Trnava.

Finally I went to Czech Republic ! I was also very happy to show them around and to let them hear my slovak ! It was also very interesting to see Bratislava through their eyes. My mom noticed right away the bad quality of the pavements ! This week with my family was maybe the time where I enjoyed Bratislava at the most, trying new restaurants, going to a concert in St Martin's cathedral,...

It was also the occasion to try new places, maybe a bit expensive for me. Taking a week off to really experience the city with my relatives was a great experience. However being in charge of the program can be a bit pressuring. For once, I'm not the daughter or the little sister, but the guide. They rely on me for everything and I am also their spokesperson as they don't speak slovak. I was scared before they arrived as we haven't shared time together other than on skype lately. But everything went well, maybe because when you don't have a lot of time together, there is no time for negativity. You have to make the most of it.

I was quite happy that they share my opinions on this country and its society. As French, we are Mediterraneans and we find Slovaks a bit cold. But, confronting yourself with other culture means you have to accept they are different from you. Personally, other than cheese, something I miss from France is diversity of people. I am used to see Arabs and Black people every day in France and it's something I find very beautiful, seeing everyone living together. But all of this diversity is linked to our history and Slovakia has a very different history from France. Something that my sister noticed is the lack of people in the street on a Monday morning. Yes, Bratislava is a quiet city.

For a girl coming for Paris, it`s relaxing and also strange. Paris is so over crowded ! For me this quietness was at first an advantage. Now, I tend to think that Bratislava is a bit too quiet for me. I think that thanks to their visit, they understand better my life here. Now I look forward to spend Christmas in France and to see my country after 8 months away. Even if I know I will feel alienated. Time for counter cultural shock !

Foto: Claire/ BDC

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