Školenie pre EDS dobrovoľníkov II.

What after EVS?

EVS is a great opportunity to go abroad, to learn something new and most notably to look for new horizons. But for all EVS Volunteers comes the time when the end is in sight and they need to decide "What after EVS?" We all have to face this question and to ask ourselves. Sometimes we get stuck in the wood of possibilities, to make this process of reflection, searching and finding easier BDC organizes this workshop.

Nicola our EVS volunteer will finish hers in a few weeks and found a lot of opportunities what is possible after your EVS. There are also other volunteer opportunities if you can't get enough of volunteering. So this event could be the best way to get inspired about possibilities. You are also welcome to share your own plans and your own knowledge.

We invite you to come to a nice afternoon, with other EVS Volunteers. Learn, expand your knowledge, chat with other EVS Volunteers and have a great time. Remember your on arrival or midterm training and the great time you had with other volunteers. This is how it could be.

Date of the event: 28th of November
Time: 17:00 till 19:00
Where: You will get to know the place when you register for the event in our google form

Due to the event location we don't have that much space, so be fast and confirm your participation as soon as possible. It will be a great event. We are looking forward meeting you.

See you there!

BDC Team

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