Školenie pre ESC dobrovoľníkov IX.

During this workshop, I will share with you some simple tips to start a design project (poster, leaflet, web banner, etc.) -  to not be afraid of the blank page anymore.

We are living in a society where communication is everywhere. Inside or outside, we are surrounded by messages to buy more, to help non-profit organizations, to be informed about events coming soon, etc. The graphic design goal is to communicate all these messages visually. You’re maybe thinking: « Yeah but I don’t have this talent, I can’t draw, I’m not enough creative… » Everyone can do it! It’s not about talent but It's about the energy you put in it and the attention of the detail. Of course, it’s probably easier for me than for you because I studied in this field. But before that, I didn’t know anything about it and here I am today!

When: 22. november 2019, 15:00-16:30
Where: Meetingovka, Námestie SNP 1, Bratislava

Who: Morgane Le Tennier, current ESC volunteer at Bratislava Volunteer Centre

Registration: Due to limited capacity, we would like to ask you to confirm your participation via the registration form here

Contact: bdc(at) (Stanka)

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