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EZS volunteer vacancy

We have a long-term volunteer offer for you by the European Solidarity Corps in Slovakia, lasting 6 months from May/ June 2022 to October/ November 2022.

This is a project funded by the European Union, thanks to which young people can participate in a volunteer project abroad, specifically in Bratislava - Slovak Republic. During the project, we will provide free accommodation in shared flat (shared or single room).  Volunteer will also receive money for food, travel and pocket / monthly allowance (300 euro/ month). The volunteer's working hours are 6 hours a day, Monday to Friday. A total of 30 hours per week.

We offer the volunteer leadership, mentoring and education in topics such as project management, financial literacy, communication, time management, presentation skills, Slovak language course and subsequent conversations in the Slovak language.

The volunteer will help directly in the Bratislava Volunteer Center:

  • assistance in organizing and implementing the project Volunteering in schools (communication with schools, students, preparation of presentations, active participation in activities)
  • help with preparation and coordination of our project Zelené dni,Týždeň dobrovoľníctva, Srdce na dlani
  • organization of BDC training, learning classes, workshops etc..
  • help with BDC promotion (working with social networks, photography, making short videos, simple graphics)
  • project-related administration

If you are interested, let us know by email:

We are excited to work with you!
BDC Team

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