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Development Support for Transylvania

Počet dobrovoľníkov: 1
28.02.2023 - 15.09.2023
Transylvania, Rumunsko

Asociația de Tineri din Ardeal (ATA) organization from Transylvania is looking for a Slovak volunteer under the umbrella of European Solidarity Corps program. The project is suitable for any youth aged 18 to 30 who is serious and motivated to come to a small city and support us in the development of a community with a lot of potentials. We do not require volunteers to have any pre-determined skill sets or aptitudes to carry out the activity, only an inquisitive demeanor, and an openness to learn new things which may be needed for the activity.

Popis aktivít

NGO support person:

▸support our yearly local activities & communication: you will bring new perspectives & ideas to the local volunteers’ regular activities & after that to help with communicating about these on our webpage and social media platforms

▸support the the platform: your role will be to help us discover the characteristics of the larger region from your perspective in written journalistic, photo/video reports.

▸support our staff with international mobilities: you will support us doing international mobilities for many youth & youth workers, with their unique perspective & input.


Inclusion support person:

▸activities in 2 kindergartens & 1 primary school in our town & 2 primary schools in rural areas around the town: you will help to organize daily non-formal workshops for children & youth to teach English, while at the same time will pass along environmental awareness & up-cycling, recycling knowledge.

▸activities in 2 entities that work for the disabled: help the staff members specialized on helping with new ideas & methods in order to develop the versatility of the workshops & with annual events /help by giving practical (gardening & cooking) skills to the disabled


▸Each volunteer will receive 150 € as food allowance and 90 € as pocket money each month.

▸Provided accommodation

▸Everything else, including house rental costs, gas, electricity, water and internet costs, appliances, and activity-related costs will be

managed by the hosting organization.

▸International travel is also reimbursed.

▸Hungarian language course

▸Volunteers will do their activities in a flexible way, for about 6-7 hours/day and 5 days every week.

▸Two days are free every week and 2 other days are holidays every month. Besides these, all regional and national free days and holidays are also considered free for the volunteers.

Dodatočné informácie

For more information about European Solidarity Corps program visit: or reach out to coordinator of ESC program in BDC:

For anyone wishing to join us as an ESC volunteer, we will firstly require a CV and a motivation letter. We encourage candidates to be creative with their applications, to include anything that might reveal their individuality, their likes, dislikes and potential skill sets. These can be sent to us at Also, we require candidates to fill a short application form.


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