Workshop: Presentation skills

Presentation and speaking skills are very useful in many aspects of our work and daily life. Effective presentation and speaking skills are important in business, sales, training, teaching, lectures and generally increase the feeling of comfort and self-confidence when talking to a group of people.

However it is not enough to have a good form of presentation. It is also important to customize the content to your listeners and goals.The key point is the need to plan a presentation. The first element of presentation skills is the planning and preparation of the content of the presentation and the second one is delivering the presentation in an effective way.

Within the course we will address topics such as:

  • setting the goal of the presentation,
  • analysis of the audience,
  • analysis of attitudes,
  • content,
  • creation of the presentation structure,
  • short presentations,
  • analysis of presenting skills,
  • giving feedback.

When: 24. June, 15.00 – 17.00
Where: online
Registration: Due to limited capacity, we would like to ask you to confirm your participation via the registration form here

Lecturer: Martin Červenka

Note: The workshop is primarily intended for ESC volunteers and is therefore conducted in English. Anyway, if you are interested in participating, be sure to contact us, we will be happy to see you at the workshop.

Please, contact us if you have some questions: Martin Červenka,

We are looking forward to see you!
BDC Team


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